Master's Degree in Ignatian Spirituality

Submission of applications:
Start: January 15, 2018
End: August 31, 2018.

1 year (Part-time study)

Credits: 60 ECTS

Encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI's words at the 35th General Congregation (21/02/08) "The Society of Jesus should continue forming its members with great attention to the sciences and to virtue, without conforming to mediocrity". Comillas Pontifical University wishes to offer such training program in Ignatian themes to all members of the Ignatian family/community, as well as all those who wish to deepen their charism and spirituality.

Why study Ignatian Spirituality?

A multidisciplinary program with a balanced approach that covers history, anthropology, theology and spirituality as complementary perspectives for a comprehensive understanding of the Ignatian charism.

An opportunity to read the actual primary documents of Ignatian sources and 'reflect' on them to keep learning today.


Who it is aimed at

Qualified Jesuits who, for various reasons relating to their personal paths, are interested in exploring the contents of Ignatian spirituality 'with zeal and rigor'.

Lay individuals from Ignatian spheres and contexts. CLC, areas close to institutions of the Society of Jesus. and researchers from other universities who wish to further explore Ignatian theology and spirituality.

Members of Ignatian Spirituality religious orders.

Student Jesuits and from other congregations who come to Spain to study spirituality and wish to train more specifically in Ignatian spirituality.

Teaching and other staff from institutions of the Society of Jesus wishing to further explore Ignatian spirituality, who may take different modules depending on their personal schedules and circumstances.


What do you need to start the pilgrimage? Requirements

  • A University degree such as a Bachelor's Degree.
  • Basic knowledge of Ignatian Spirituality.
  • A student introduction letter and two letters of reference.
  • Pre-admission interview with the Master's program Director.
  • Foreign students whose academic certificates were not issued in Spanish must submit a certificate showing they have passed the DELE B2 (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) or a higher level. This diploma is awarded by Instituto Cervantes. There is plenty of information on the website.
    Students who are not in possession of the required DELE certificate must take a language test and must show proof of equivalent knowledge.
    If the student does not have the required DELE certificate, the procedure shall be as follows:
    • Students at A-1 or A-2 (beginner) level must study Spanish full time and exclusively until they reach the required level.
    • Students at B (intermediate) level must take an intensive one-quarter Spanish course to reach the required level. Through the University's Institute of Languages, an intensive course is offered in the first quarter of each academic year, tailored to intermediate level students.


Where is it taught?

At the Faculty of Theology, on the Cantoblanco Campus. The University Institute of Spirituality within it is especially dedicated to Ignatian Spirituality as one of its lines of research.

The large number of international students shows the appeal of the Institute abroad.

Its excellent library enables students to delve deeper into all relevant subjects.

  • Degree: Master's Degree in Ignatian Spirituality. Comillas Pontifical University's Private Degree (Madrid)
  • Credits and length: 60 ECTS. 1 academic year (September-June)
  • Application period: January 15 to August 31, 2018
  • Start date: September, 2018
  • Timetable: Tuesday to Thursday, from 4 pm to 8 pm.
  • Venue: Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid. Cantoblanco Campus.
  • Fees: € 4,845 (Enrolment fee: € 1,614.60 and 8 installments of € 403,80) (excursions to ignatian places are not included)
  • Language of instruction: Spanish
  • Director: José García de Castro Valdés SJ: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Information about accommodation in Madrid: Information and Student Reception Office, Comillas Pontifical University: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information point:

Ruth Imedio García
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
C/ Universidad Comillas, 3 
28049 Madrid 
Tel: + 00 34 91 734 39 50 Ext. 6136


  • To systematically present a diversity of contents and issues that have shaped and still shape Ignatian Spirituality: Origin/sources - historical evolution; charisma - spirituality; theology, Ignatian spirituality's reality and mission today.
  • To promote knowledge of the experiences, key texts and contexts from which Ignatian spirituality took inspiration, through direct reading of sources and secondary literature specifically selected.
  • To understand the mission of the Society of Jesus and other institutions arisen from Ignatian inspiration in the contemporary world from the point of view of the motivation and charisma that inspire and underpin them.


  • Regular attendance of classes.
  • Classroom work: integration of text analysis, discussion and article debates into academic master classes.
  • Reading and individual coursework based on materials handed out to students.
  • Participation in seminars/debates when required.
  • Writing of papers, reports or other types of work based on the various modules.
  • Personal interviews/individual tutorials with module professors when appropriate.


  • Regular attendance of master's program classes.
  • Writing of essays on the subjects taught in each of the program modules, reading of basic literature for each module and self-critical reflection.
  • Final Master's Project. Two options:
    • Essay - including all master's program contents. Length: 50 - 80 pages.
    • Research paper on a specific subject of interest for the student. 50-80 pages.
    • Both types will be supervised by a master's program professor and seen by the Director, who must give his 'approval' to the Project so that the student may defend it. The defense will be presented to three master's program professors, who will assess and grade the Project.
    • Schedule for Master's Degree Thesis Defense: June 15 - 18, 2015

See the timetable

Structure: the Master's program consists of 7 modules distributed over the two semesters. The last module (no. 7) is entirely devoted to the writing up of Final Master's Project. To be allowed to progress onto it, the students must have previously completed the six prior modules.

The different modules and their contents provide an integrated knowledge from these four perspectives:

  • Historical perspective: origin and timeline of Ignatian spirituality.
  • Theological-spiritual perspective: Providing the reasons behind the spiritual experience and major theological centers that encourage and support the historical evolution of this spirituality.
  • Contemporary cultural perspective: The meaning, role and value of Ignatian spirituality in the contemporary world. Contributions and challenges:
  • Practical/pastoral perspective that helps individuals to have a place in history employing the values and approaches of Ignatian spirituality.

See the modules structure of the Master's program

Allende Felgueroso, Antonio

Alonso Vicente, Pablo

Ares Mateos, Alberto

Boné Pina, Ignacio

Buades Fuster, Josep

Cía Blasco, Javier

Coupeau Dorronsoro, José Carlos

Daelemans, Bert

Fernández Castelao, Pedro

Fernández Cordero, María Jesús

García Bonasa, Manuel

García de Castro Vadés, José

García Domínguez, Luis María

García Hernán, Enrique

García Jiménez, José Ignacio

López Guzmán, Mª Dolores

López Hortelano, Eduardo

López Pérez, Elías

Madrigal Terrazas, Santiago

Martínez-Gayol Fernández, Nurya

Martínez Martínez, Julio Luis

Meana Peón, Rufino

Molina Molina, Diego

Pizarro Llorente, Henar

Ramírez Fueyo, Francisco

Robert, Sylvie

Sánchez-Girón, José Luis

Sanz Giménez-Rico, Enrique

Tatay Nieto, Jaime

Uríbarri Bilbao, Gabino

Verdoy Herranz, Alfredo

Zas Friz, Rossano


Any questions you have with the Master's Degree in Ignatian Spirituality can check the SGAT

Master's Degree in Ignatian Spirituality es internacional, can check the SRI


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